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Long Term Care

Long-term care includes an array of services that are performed by others when personal activities of daily living are limited by an illness or condition that lasts a relatively long period of time. An extended illness or condition can deplete the assets that have been saved and counted on for retirement.

Long term care may be the biggest age-related challenge we face. As people live longer, the possibility of someday-needing long term care increases. Without careful planning, the high cost of long term care services could exhaust your assets and personal savings. This is where long term care insurance can help.

Long term care insurance gives you the freedom to participate in choosing the type and location of care that best meets your personal needs. It can help cover such services as home health aides, adult day care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care, costs usually not covered by ordinary health insurance and Medicare.

The value of Long Term Care insurance is that it:

1) supports independence by providing the ability to pay for Home Care and Assisted Living costs. It give people choices.

2) protects loved ones from the burdens of caregiving

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